Stanko Lazar

Stanko Lazar was born on 27 June 1970 in Ljubljana. His education took off in the nursery, from where he moved on to the kindergarten, leaving it for the first grade of primary school. The eight-year elementary school he attended was called Osnovna šola Edvard Kardelj, and is now known as Osnovna šola Polje. He graduated from the railway conductor program at a vocational secondary school in Ljubljana. For the past twenty years he has been engaged in voluntary work in the areas of humanitarian activities, sports, culture, tourism and youth work, as well as anywhere else where his help has been needed. In the last decade he has been contributing to the public good through the activities of the Zagon Association (Društvo Zagon) which is based in the town of Tržič and led by him as a director. He likes taking on all sorts of challenges and is prepared to try out what others tend to avoid, gaining considerable experience in the process. In everything he does, he always proceeds to the point that separates amateurism from professionalism. He is a family man, living with his wife and their three daughters. In relationships, he values honesty and cooperation, taking initiative and being open to all the ordinary people who strive for a better tomorrow.