Ljubo Motore

He has been a photographer for forty years, ever since he finished a photography class in primary school, under the mentorship of a famous Sevnica teacher of the time, by then retired, Tonček Senica. Since 1972 when he bought his first camera – Practica Nova B, he has been dedicated continuously to the love of photography.

He has been photographing important events in his town and commune, earning a reputation of a chronicler among friends and acquaintances. He is most fond of documentary and reporting photography, but he also feels close to the landscape and architecture photography,  respectively, and photography of landscape vedutas. Within this scope, his speciality is panoramic photography, which he is engaged in ever since he started using a camera.

He is a collector, researcher and restorator of old photographs and postcards of his hometown. Another hobby of his is collecting old photographic cameras.

He lives and works in the town of Sevnica, Slovenia.