The Woven Bottle

a metal woven bottle, oversized to fit the landscape dimensions

The Woven Bottle is a sign of the times in a space, a spatial memorial to a once popular folk artefact.

The age of artefacts woven out of willow twigs is foreby. Bottles that were once woven by hand have been replaced by those coated in plastic. Now, the weaving is merely a print in the plastic matter, no longer an actual interlace of threads which used to give the form firmness and durability.

The Woven Bottle is not a classic woven bottle since it is only in shape that resemblance can be found. In size, material, and function, it surpasses the usual artefact.

Indeed, it is a memorial to the traditional woven bottle and the weaving process. Memorials are made to bring memories to life, and therefore require durable material. They should also be well visible, that is why The Woven Bottle is much larger than the usual model. It is the size of a small house, reaching up to 5.5 m in height. To make it last, we wove it out of sheet iron.

It will stand next to a regional road, overlooking the local vineyard hills. Thus, it will be a signpost as well as a marker of the past and the eternally present time – for viticulture is written on and alive in the heart of the people of the Dolenjska region.

I dare say that The Woven Bottle will be a fair match for the "zidanica" (an old stone house), the "klopotec" (a wind-rattle), and the traditional "kozolec" (a hay-rack).

Date of Implemetation:

May 2009


A crossroad


Weaving sheet iron straps through bent iron rods


Diameter 3.3 m, and height 5.5 m

Number of Participants:

8 workers

Implementation Process:

The Woven Bottle is made with the traditional weaving technique, but using a more durable material. Following a plan we devised, the iron rods of different diameter were mechanically curved and welded into the basic construction which was to direct the bottle's shape. We then proceeded to the cutting of the iron straps and interweaving them through the rods of the construction. Extra effort was put into the handle, for we tried to make the sheet iron resemble the spiral twist of the traditional bottle handle.

Media Coverage:

- Radio: Radio Krka

- Press Releases: Delo, Dolenjski list, and two area outlets, Prosveta and Krajevni list Tržišča