The Trnovo Lighthouse

an ice cone relocated to a pier on the Plecnik's Embankment

The Trnovo Lighthouse is a spontaneous intervention, assisted by ideal winter conditions and their low temperatures which freeze the bodies of water.

In 2000, we built a similar cone on the castle pond at the Bruna Village near the town of Mokronog (see Works / Winter Transformation). The ice for it was found at the very place of construction.

This time it was different. We returned to the place of the first installation, cut ice discs out of the frozen pond, and then built them into a cone at another place: at the confluence of the Ljubljanica and the Gradaščica rivers, the Trnovski pristan, just on the spot around which the Plecnik's river terraces weave elegantly.

It stands on a pier, on an exposed riverbank of Ljubljanica, at the confluence of two rivers. In the past, ships would be passing by it. The place is called a haven, the Trnovo Haven (Trnovski pristan). It is a place suitable for a lighthouse. If you approach the cone with a strong torchlight, the ice glitters.

You are a lighthouse keeper, the cone is a chance.

Date of Implemetation:

January 2009


The castle pond at the Bruna Village near the town of Mokronog in the Dolenjska Region, and Trnovski pristan in Ljubljana


Cutting frozen surface and vertically stacking up the discs


An upright cone of diameter 1.30 m and height 2.12 m

Number of Participants:

7 workers

Implementation Process:

The cone consists of twenty-one discs of different diameters. First, we cut the discs out of a frozen pond, and then transported them to Ljubljana, to a river confluence, and piled them into a cone.