A Basket Full of Willow

a willow and a river spring / weaving a basket in the scale of the willow

A willow and a basket. First there was a willow, then a basket. It might seem as though the willow had been put inside it, and yet

we wove the basket around the tree and around the river spring next to it.
The basket put the willow and the spring into focus, while simultaneously hiding them from sight. The willow, once hidden, could

then – in its annual growth cycle – gradually unveil itself, springing its branches over the rim of the basket, reaching higher,

into the sky, and filling the seemingly empty basket with its green leaves.
Hiding the willow had the effect of exposing it as well as drawing the public attention to it. A Basket Full of Willow is a step

forward from the enweaving of the willows in their own twigs, done in the previous years. This time, the woven artefact has broken

free from the willow, and stands on its own, remaining nevertheless strongly connected with the willow inside.
The basket we wove is a sort of architecture parlante, speaking architecture, a house for the willow and the river spring, a woven

artefact in the scale of the landscape.

Date of Implemetation:

March 2007


A meadow opposite the trade area in the town of Trebnje in the Dolenjska Region


Weaving willow twigs


Diameter 4.5 to 5.5 m, and height 5 m

Number of Participants:

30 weavers

Implementation Process:

Together with a group of young men, we sawed off the branches of an old willow. The thicker ones were used for the base of the basket. Out of the thinner twigs, brought in from the willows in the area, the horizontal hoops and the rest of the framing were woven. Due to the size of the basket, the scaffolding needed to be three stories high. In a two-day work effort, the women were trimming the branches, while the men went ahead with weaving the basket. Later on, the girls joined in. Once the basket was made, the handles were added, the scaffolding was put apart and the area cleaned up.

Media Coverage:

Television: Vaš kanal – televizija Novo mesto (Kulturna oddaja), Radio Krka, Radio Zeleni val, Radio 1
Press Releases: Slovenske novice, Vzajemnost, Delo, Dolenjski list, Dobro jutro, Žurnal 24, and two area oulets, Grajske novice and Lipov list

Voluntary Work Effort Organized by:

The Zagon Society from the town of Tržišče (Društvo Zagon Tržišče)

Voluntary Work Effort Sponsored by:

plot owner Jožef Nadrih, the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities (JSKD – Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti), The Tourist Society of Trebnje (Turistično društvo Trebnje), Zeliščarji iz Loke pri Zidanem mostu, Pleskarstvo in trgovina Agnič, Ključavničarstvo Zvone Papež, Žaga Juntez Krmelj, prof. Marko Marin, PhD, Martin Meglič, and Miro Juntez