Willows in Bloom

A group of white willows / Enweaving of trees

Willows in Bloom are a sequel to successful work in the past which was also enweaving of willows, only slightly higher upstream the Mirna River. Those earlier enwoven willows had been well received by the landscape and consequently the work hade been accepted by the people as well, recognizing it as enhancement of the place.

This was one of the reasons I decided to repeat the weaving. The abandoned and neglected willows in the Prelesje Hamlet at the town of Šentrupert, right next to the road, were simply crying out for someone to take care of them. I chose a similar approach to the one I had used a year before in the Prapreče Village, except that I took a step further in weaving, trying to avoid a literal repetition.

Instead of merely wrapping the willows, the hoops were upgraded with shaped endings on top, each formed of five large arches resembling flower petals. Upon our intervention, a series of neglected willows was thus transformed into a row of large willow blossoms, a sort of an alley of flowers at the main traffic artery.

A step forward in design was also the intentional use of two different colours of weaving material: brown osier for the lower hoop and yellow osier for the upper semicircular endings.

Date of Implemetation:

March/April 2007


A willow alley in the Prelesje Hamlet, at the town of Šentrupert in the Dolenjska Region


Willow twigs, weaving


A group of 20 trees

Number of Participants:

Up to 30 weavers

Implementation Process:

In March I sawed the branches off all the willows, trimmed the branches to get the twigs and made frameworks for the baskets. When everything was prepared for the weaving, I invited the locals from the nearby and wider area to join me in the work. Some worked individually, others in pairs or threesomes – weaving twigs around individual willows. In a two-day voluntary work effort fifteen willows were enwoven.

Media Coverage:

Press Releases: Slovenske novice, Kmečki glas, Dolenjski list

Voluntary Work Effort Organized by:

Društvo Zagon Tržišče

Voluntary Work Effort Sponsored by:

Mrs. Kristina Jurglič, Šentrupert Commune (Občina Šentrupert), JSKD, Mizarstvo Berk from the Bistrica Village at the town of Šentrupert