The Castle Well II

A well in the castle atrium / Transformation

The work in the atrium of the Castle of Sevnica (Grad Sevnica) was concurrent with the solo exhibition of my work titled The Stone Spiral, which was displayed on the first floor of the castle. In the opening performance to the exhibition, the baroque stone wellhead of the castle water well was wrapped in autumn leaves that had fallen from the sky. The stone form of the well, which had previously been inconspicuous in colour, thus became extremely vibrant, most closely resembling fire.

The visually artistic and the content transformation of the atrium well was a metaphor for the architectural articulation of the natural place of the sinkhole with the spiral composition which had similarly been made with natural material found in situ.

Date of Implemetation:

October 2006


The castle atrium in the town of Sevnica in the Posavje Region


Gluing leaves on the well


A water well of diameter 1.8 m and height 0.9 m

Number of Participants:


Implementation Process:

Darkness. Only the well is lit by a spotlight. People gather around it.

Act One: Accompanied by flute, leaves start falling from the castle upper floors to the ground around the well.
Act Two: Four actors start sweeping the leaves to a heap. The spotlight follows their movements. Once the leaves are swept, the actors exit.
Act Three: The spotlight turns to me. Motioning, I call attention to the well and the leaves and make a connection. I exit.
Act Four: The spotlight is turned off. A video presentation of a documentary on building The Stone Spiral is started. Meanwhile, a friend and I glue leaves around the well.
Act Five: The transformed well is spotlighted and all the performers ring dance around it, accompanied by music.