The Golden Beech

A beech in the autumn / Decorating

Visually, the beech is the most picturesque in the autumn when its leaves turn gold. That is when the dramatics of the season and its changing is the most striking for shortly afterwards the tree strips naked. This is precisely the time frame which I put the tree decorated with golden leaves in.

As before, I utilized what the tree had already discarded and used the fallen leaves for the same tree, but in a different way: as a makeover, as decoration.

I chose a tree standing in pair on purpose. In this way, I opened a dialogue between the dressed and the naked, between the articulated and the unarticulated.

Date of Implemetation:

October 2005


The children's playground of the Ciciban Kindergarten in Sevnica (Vrtec Ciciban) in the Posavje Region


Beech leaves, water based wallpaper adhesive


1 tree

Number of Participants:

Up to 12

Implementation Process:

In the beginning, I was assisted by children who had outdoor class. Together we picked out suitable leaves. In the next couple of days, I continued the work by myself. I covered the tree from the upper branches down to the ground, gluing leaf by leaf. My work was looked on by passers-by, some of who even gave me a hand. In a month and a half it was wiped out by rain and snow.

Media Coverage:

Press Releases: two area outlets, Dolenjski list and Grajske novice