The Castle Park

Existent floor lighting in the park / Light interaction

The work was concurrent with my first solo exhibition titled Poetic Dialogues with Places displayed in the Youth Centre Brežice (Mladinski center Brežice) which is located at the edge of the castle park. Being a work in situ, it was an important part of the exhibition as well as part of its opening, along with an accompanying performance. The floor lighting was utilized to create new tree trunks among the existent ones.

In the performance, girls were bringing light out of the darkness of the park and placing it among the new trunks, gradually lightening the place as a result.

Date of Implemetation:

November 2004


The castle park in the town of Brežice in the Posavje Region


Sewing of textile (polyamide 80g/m2), hanging the cloth on a metal ring


3 cylinders of diameter 30 cm and height 13 m

Number of Participants:

Up to 3 (realization); 9 (performance)

Implementation Process:

Using a car lift, we hung three textile cylinders high up in the tree crowns. They would reach all the way down to the ground, suspended just above the lights of the floor lighting.