The Castle Well I

A well in the castle atrium / Mirror reflection of depth into the sky

The work was concurrent with my first solo exhibition titled Poetic Dialogues with Places displayed in the Castle of Sevnica (Grad Sevnica). Accompanying the photographic exhibition of my past work, the Castle Well was work in situ. The artfully made baroque stone wellhead in the centre of the atrium was indicating the entrance into the depth, a cistern full of water. I wanted to make the invisible dark space visible. I expressed this thought with a cylinder made of white cloth which was the same size as the water tank. The cylinder would hang loosely on a rope just above the well, manifesting the vertical axis of the space – axis loci.

The "upside-down" well became the centre of the stage set for an opening performance, a recital of poems by Alojz Gradnik: Vodnjak and Fontana in vodni curek.

Date of Implemetation:

February 2004


The castle atrium in the town of Sevnica in the Posavje Region


Textile sewing (polyamide 80g/m2), hanging the cloth on a metal ring


A cylinder of diameter 3 m and height 15 m

Number of Participants:

Up to 7 (implementation); 15 (performance)

Implementation Process:

A strong rope was fastened across the castle atrium, stretching between two opposite ridges of the castle roof construction. On the rope we fixed a steel ring and on the ring we hung the textile cylinder which Mrs. Olga had sewn out of fifteen ten-meter long and a meter wide pieces of fabric. The cylinder thus hung loosely just above the well, on a rope stretching across the castle atrium.