The Autumn Princess

A fruit tree in the autumn / Decorating, an artistic expression of gratitude to the apple tree for its fruit

The apple tree is the most beautiful when it bears fruit. It is a time when it lures and gives itself to others. I expressed my gratitude to it and the joy it gave me, with the Autumn Princess, an artistic and spatial composition of a tree and its fruit.

I highlighted its red fruits, hanging them as decorations on the apple tree. Embellished with apples, it was showing off in front of the other apple trees in the orchard for two weeks. Then we took its jewellery off, with help of the village children, and stored it in our basements.

Date of Implemetation:

October 2003


A high stem orchard at the Zg. Mladetiče Village, near the town of Tržišče in the Dolenjska Region


Hanging apples on branches with illusion cord


1 apple tree, ca. 150 apples

Number of Participants:

Up to 10

Implementation Process:

Using a high ladder, I climbed to the branches of the apple tree. I was picking apples one by one, tying illusion cords of different lengths around their stalks and hanging the apples back on the tree. After two weeks we pulled them off, the village children helping us.