A Clear-Cut

A forest clear-cut / In memoriam

It was the immediate experience of a clear-cut and feeling hurt by such a violent intervention that drove me to raising crosses at the stumps of the fallen trees. The clear-cut left a mark on the place; what was before a forest, now became a burial ground.

After having put up the crosses, I was surprised to find out that there were Illyrian burial mounds not far away from there. The graveyard of trees coincided with the historical memory of the area, prompting me to want to upgrade my work by painting the bulging stumps – relics. I planned to model my paintings on ornaments on the objects found in the Illyrian graves in the Kapitelj field (Kapiteljska njiva). The idea was left in the preliminary sketch phase.

Date of Implemetation:

June 2003


A forest edge at the Gabrijele Village, near the town of Krmelj in the Dolenjska Region


Binding poles and putting up crosses


Ca. 40 crosses

Number of Participants:

Autonomous work

Implementation Process:

I bound the hazel poles which I had used in the triangle into simple crosses, and planted each of them next to each of the stumps on the hill.