The Forty-Five-Beanpole Triangle

An exposed hill / A triangular vertical sign

Every landscape has powerful places, "places of power", where man has felt special energies or had special experiences. Morphologically prominent; high or deep places, rocks, underground caves, springs, forests, or individual trees.

(Prof. Tomáš Valena, Ph.D., A Garden without a House is like a Carriage without a Horse)

This is the way I felt addressed by the extremely attractive panoramic hill, a sort of a pier over the Mirna River valley. I answered with a strong sign; eloquent, yet utterly simple.

On the hilltop we put up a triangular sign, reaching sky-high. I wanted the construction to be simple and doable, the material for it taken from the surroundings.

It inspired me and with it I wanted to inspire others and send into the space the simple truth which was reflected in the archetypal construction made of material at hand, beanpoles and rope. The fact that the work was short-lived – after a period of two weeks the sign was taken apart – merely enhanced the value of its message.

Metaphorically, the hilltop became a place where one could touch the sky.

Date of Implemetation:

April 2003


The hill under the Sp. Mladetiče Village, near the town of Tržišče in the Dolenjska Region


Tying hazel poles with a synthetic rope


Equilateral triangle of base 12.7 m and height 11 m, comprising of 45 poles of length 2.54 m

Number of Participants:

Up to 10

Implementation Process:

After having bound all the poles into an equilateral triangle, I invited the locals to join me in the work. With joint effort, the triangle was put up and its balance secured from the wind with ropes.