A Willow Embraced

A white willow / Two trunks of the same tree woven together

A willow, split in half, evoking a vivid image of two bodies, was motive strong enough for their embrace.

In late autumn I saw in the naked willow the fate of two separated bodies, that of a man and of a woman. Out of its twigs I wove a coat for the two of them and wrapped them in it.

The changing of the seasons gives the enwoven willow new meanings and evokes new metaphors.

Date of Implemetation:

December 2002


The Spolovnik Valley at the Sp. Mladetiče Village, near the town of Tržišče in the Dolenjska Region


Willow twigs cutting and weaving


1 willow

Number of Participants:

Autonomous work

Implementation Process:

First, I trimmed the willow, cutting off all the branches. I used the stronger ones for the framing, made of three hoops and vertical sticks attached to them. Then I started weaving the twigs through the sticks from the bottom up. I only used the twigs that had grown on the willow.