A Shelter in the Woods

A forest / A wooden circular structure

In winter, the neighbouring farmer cut down trees, split the logs and stacked the cordwood next to the forest where he left it to dry for use.

In the split wood, I saw handy material for building my own temporary lodging.
I wanted to literally step amid the cordwood, surround myself with it, and create an interior, a sort of a place I could only sense.

I became its measure and its centre, my eyes turned toward the crowns.

Date of Implemetation:

March 2001


A forest edge at the Zg. Mladetiče Village, near the town of Tržišče in the Dolenjska Region


Stacking up cordwood into a circular form


A circular ground plan of outer diameter 2.80 m, inner diameter 1.80 m and height 2.20 m

Number of Participants:

Autonomous work

Implementation Process:

I piled the cordwood on a circular ground plan up to 2.2 m high. Gradually, I closed the round opening at the top by crossing twigs polygonally.