Winter Transformation

A frozen pond / An ice cone

I had always been fascinated by the frozen plane. The ice inspired me not so much as material which lends itself be moulded, but with its transmutability, with melting and converting of its own matter. What guided me in this work was the thought of a geometrical body in a landscape and of converting clear-cut geometry into an amorphous state.

A stone chisel, a chisel, a club hammer, and a rope with a hook, was all I needed to cut ice discs out of the iced surface of the pond; from the largest disc to the top cone.

Next, I needed a sledge and some help from my brother and a friend. We transported the discs to the other side of the pond and piled them one on top of the other.

The cone withstood the January and February sun, then it levelled with the surface again.

Date of Implemetation:

December 2000


The castle pond at the Bruna Village near the town of Mokronog in the Dolenjska Region


Cutting frozen surface and vertically stacking up the discs


An upright cone of diameter 1.50 m and height 2.25 m

Number of Participants:

Up to 3.

Implementation Process:

The cone consists of eighteen discs of different diameters and the top cone. First, I cut out the discs, then we moved them to the other side of the pond and piled them into a cone shape.