Playing with Light

An abandoned mine shaft / Interaction of light and darkness

The Caves of Škovec (Škovske jame) are an abandoned lead and zinc mine in the hill under the Škovec Village at the town of Tržišče. The experience of the extremity of the place gave birth to an idea. In the mine, we would play with light which we would direct into its deepest corner. The idea was to connect the outside cosmos with the other infinity of the eternally dark mine.

It is light which creates space, its depth and forms.

"For a short while, in the womb of the Earth I witnessed a wonderful light, a mysterious becoming."

Date of Implemetation:

August 2000


An abandoned lead and zinc mine under the Škovec Village at the town of Tržišče in the Dolenjska Region


Mirrors on movable wall brackets


7 mirrors along the length of ca. 70 m

Number of Participants:

10 fellow villagers (trial run); 2–3 (final run)

Implementation Process:

First, the villagers helped me carry out a trial run. I wanted to make sure the idea was doable. Individuals stood on assigned positions in the shaft, except for the first one who stood at the entrance, directing the sun's reflection into the shaft. After the trial run was successful, my brother Sebastjan and I measured and drew up the mine shaft. Then my brother Severin helped me position the mirrors on breaking points of the shaft. The inside mirrors were fixed, while the outer one was movable. The implementation was demanding, mostly because of dew forming on the mirrors and the constant changing of the sun's position.