Damjan Popelar

In 1999, with students from FH-Muenchen Architecture participated in the architectural workshop poetic duet with places for blue top on the Mount of Ajdovščina under the mentorship of prof. Tomáš Valena and expand its work on diploma thesis. In 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana in mentor prof. dr. Tomášu Valen and somentorju prof. John Koželju the diploma thesis poetic duet with theft. Diploma is a contribution to the preparation of the concept of Trnovo Forest Regional Park.

During her studies, attending workshops on Karst geomantične under the mentorship of geomanta Robi Lavina and painter Karin Lavin. He has participated in photo shop Fotopub 2001 in Novo Mesto and their works exhibited in the group exhibition. Over the past eight years to develop and realize a thematic dialogue with the theft / loci in the domestic and wider Slovenian territory.